The company started under the name of Osaka Denki Onkyo K.K in 1946. The current Onkyo Corporation umbrella includes the Integra and Integra Research divisions as well as the main Onkyo brand. At present, it is headed by Naoto Othsuki. During the early phases of its history, Onkyo grew as an innovator and fashioned itself into a force in audio, making the name Onkyo synonymous with sonic excellence and high-quality loudspeakers and components. Through the 70's, Onkyo receivers were critically acclaimed. The products of the 80's, including cassette tape decks, M-series amplification, turntables, AM/FM tuners like the T-909 and T-9990 along with receivers garnered acclaim from critics and consumers. In 1993, Onkyo became one of the first major corporate entities to radically transform its corporate management by following a "cash flow first" and "simple and speedy" philosophy. Concentrating on management reform allowed increased profitability for the entire Onkyo group.

The companies History

1946 On 17 September Onkyo is created as "Osaka Denki Onkyo" and begins with research work for pick-ups and loudspeaker chassis.Osaka Denki ONKYO K.K is created and begins with the production of clay/tone arms for record players. The Onkyo CP-100 - the first product, which carries the Onkyo mark - comes into the trade. Its retail price: 300 Yen - in a time, in which the average monthly income amounts to 500 Yen.

1948 The development "non pressed cone" (not pressed loudspeaker cone) revolutionizes the loudspeaker industry. Onkyo starts with the structure of a loudspeaker factory and designs special diaphragm materials

1950 First success - development of the revolutionary non pressed PAPERS cone is final. The Onkyo ED-100 loudspeaker. The Hifi Player Onkyo OP-670 4-Speed stereo comes on the market.

1955 Onkyo OS-88 Radio amplifier launched.

1956 Coaxial loudspeaker chassis are marketed. Announcement of the first loudspeaker with plastic cone and the first "compact unit" from record player and receiver.

1957 The first ball loudspeaker condition box Onkyo ES-65 in the futuristic Design inspires the market. The record player/amplifier Onkyo HP-10 comes into the business.

1958 Horn loudspeaker Onkyo MD-47 launched.

Onkyo MX-8P, the first loudspeaker with integrated feedback (Motional Feedback) is introduced. Loudspeaker production exceeds 100,000 in the month. The production of stereo-Anlagen starts.

1963 Introduction of the stereophonic all in one Onkyo ST-400DL sound system.

1966 The ST-55 tabletop separate-component stereo system goes on sale. Its performance, sound quality, and no-frills functional beauty make it a runaway best seller. A boom in tabletop separate-component stereo systems is triggered. In Japan it is selected as "Best Buy" by Kurachi no Techno Japanese technology magazine.

1968 The multi-channel Onkyo MC-2200 stereo is announced and stabilizes Onkyo's market position within the audio market. The slogan of "four amplifiers" scores a big hit with Japan and a multi-channel stereo boom grips Japan.

1969 Conception of the Integra series with the amplifier Onkyo Integra 01, with which all signal fade are directly coupled already. The selling activities expand: An office in New York is opened.

1970 Onkyo wins the first prize in the preamplifier category of the first large prize of stereo components. The full amplifier Onkyo Integra 725 comes into the trade. For 90% of the design process scientific methods are used, which makes the Onkyo Integra 725 the first product of a new product generation. Onkyo is lent by the MITI the g-note for Design achievement.[citation needed]

1972 Creation of Onkyo Germany GmbH and acoustics research lab. The first loudspeakers with titanium diaphragm come on the market. Introduction of the stereo amplifier Onkyo Integra A-755.

1973 Loudspeaker manufacturing in Korea begins. The loudspeaker system Onkyo E-83A MKIII supplements Onkyo's product range. Introduction of the Onkyo slogan: Artistry in sound.

1974 The receiver Onkyo TS-500 with quartz stabilization sets new yardsticks with receiving elements. Onkyo succeeds it to improve the tuning precision by the use of quartz oscillators. The quartz tuner Onkyo TS-503 appears. Automatic 4 channel receiver goes on sale.

1975 Onkyo Corporation in the USA is created. The digital Synthesizer tuner Onkyo T-433 N II conquers the market by prominent technologies with favourable price.

1976 World-wide attention excites the receiver Onkyo TX-4500 with quartz-stabilized tuner and the first touch keys.

1977 High end HiFi market Onkyo's welcomes first preamplifier Onkyo P-303 and the power amplifier Onkyo M-505.

1978 Announcement of the Sub Woofers Onkyo SL-1 and the new "MX" loudspeaker series.

1979 The "super Servo" technology in the amplifier Onkyo A-7090 and the automatic "Accubias" system in the cartridge deck Onkyo TA -2080 are presented.

1980 Conception of the power amplifier Onkyo M-5060 with separately "SuperServo" circuit. First crystal-controlled record player with motor regulated and feedback.

1981 First, original CD players developed by Onkyo comes on the market. Automatic continuous rendition, copying in high speed and simultaneous mixing are for the first time available in consumer products. The Onkyo TA-W800 - the first double cartridge deck in the world with high-speed copying function - comes into production. The consumers can use large variety now of volume editing functions.

1983 Onkyo M-2000 loudspeaker monitor is launched.

1984 High end loudspeaker system "Grand Scepter" Onkyo GS-1 is announced.

1985 High end amplifier Onkyo M-510 develops distortion-free reproduction with very high achievements on the market. The first CD Player of the world with optical data transfer, comes into production as Onkyo C-700. This revolutionary CD Player connects the digital and the similar blocks by use of optical switching signals, in order to avoid a digital signal interference. In this way the sound quality is improved by digital Hi-Fi component. DX 7210

1986 The first CD player with of Onkyo "Optocoupling" development are introduced. With the Onkyo SC-960 a new loudspeaker concept is presented: the linear tuned boxes.

1987 The first Onkyo Integra CD player DX-6470 with 18-Bit double oversampling comes out. The cartridge deck Onkyo TA-2360 becomes "equipment of the year" with the HiFi technical audio periodicals. The Onkyo T-9900 Integra Quartz Synthesizer Tuner is selected as reference tuner by 3 HiFi technical periodicals and equipment of the year. Onkyo becomes "AV Receiver manufacturer" of the year in the USA. World's first Dolby Surround AV aV-Receiver Onkyo TX-SV7M comes into the trade. The assortment of quality products receives a new leading product by the super deluxe Onkyo TX-SV909PRO - a best seller.

1988 3 HiFi technical periodicals appoint the Integra quartz Synthesizer Tuner Onkyo T-9990 the reference Tuner and selected as audio equipment of the year. The first digital full amplifier Onkyo A-8690 is introduced by Onkyo, with OPTO DRIVE SYSTEM and :18-Bit-Linear converter with 8-phase Oversampling technology. The two High ending HiFi components Grand Integra, consisting of CD player and digital full amplifier, come in the autumn into the trade. Liverpool Pasadena Collection - complete system with rack and loudspeaker boxes. Introduction of the Onkyo slogan: High Fidelity - sound which counts!

1989 With the two full amplifiers Onkyo A-8640 and Onkyo A-8630 Onkyo brings its first amplifiers operated by infrared remote control on the market. 1990 Onkyo extends the remote maintenance possibilities for extremely a favourable price with the ROOM system. 1991 By outstanding convenient operation and excellent sound characteristics the Onkyo TX-7830 with large projection/lead reference is awarded by the technical periodical "Stereoplay". New series separates Onkyo PSC-05 is launched.

1992 The HIGH END to preoutput stage combination Onkyo P-3890/Onkyo M-5890 with a completely symmetrical structure is introduced on the market. World first 6-disc CD changer comes into the trade. With the Onkyo Liverpool bi:m Onkyo uses for the first time the digital transmission of audio signals. Onkyo Quest Integra and Quest Scepter come on the market. These products is the basis a new Design concept, as only strictly selected materials and parts are used. Onkyo Quest Integra C-1E CD Player and Integrated stereo Amplifier Onkyo Quest Integra A-1E are launched.

1993 World first THX certification of Onkyo TX-SV919THX A/V receiver with technical cooperation of LUCASFILM Ltd. (now THX Ltd.) Started sales of INTEC 275 high component system.

1994 The world first THX certified receiver Onkyo TX-SV919THX gold version comes onto the market.

1995 Started sales of INTEC 185 micro component system. Onkyo CR-185 receiver / Tape Onkyo K-185, and first THX loudspeaker system Onkyo THX-SYS-1.

1996 World first THX 5.1 receiver Onkyo TX-DS939. Introduction slogan: Onkyo "is sound".

1997 World first THX 5.1 receiver Onkyo TX-DS939 launches in the gold version.

1998 First Onkyo OMF loudspeaker is launched.

1999 World first DVD Player Onkyo DR-90. World first THX SELECT receiver Onkyo TX-DS777. World first Dolby Digital receiver under 400-EUR selling price, the Onkyo TX-DS474.

2000 World first 6.1 channel THX SELECT receiver Onkyo TX-DS787. World first 7.1 channel Surround EX receiver Onkyo TX-DS989. World first THX Ultra 7 channel output stage from the Integra Research High end to series of RDA-7. Introduction of slogan: Imaginative sight & sound.

2001 World first home theater system compatible with Dolby ProLogic II AV receiver Onkyo TX-DS494.

2002 World first AV Home network receiver with Ethernet connection (Net tune) Onkyo TX-NR900 launched. Started sales of BASE-V10 micro home theater system.

2003 Started sales of DTA-7—world’s first 7-channel digital power amplifier.

2004 World first full modular AV Home network receiver with Ethernet connection (Net tune) inclusive HDMI & IEEE1394 Firewire Onkyo TX-NR5000.

2006 Introduction of the Onkyo slogan: Imaginative sight & sound - Enter A new dimension.

2007 The world’s first receivers featuring Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, and HQV Reon-VX introduced.

2010 Nine-channel power amplifier is released. Incorporating key technologies such as WRAT and Three-Stage Inverted Darlington Circuitry, the PA-MC5500 nine-channel amplifier marked a milestone in Onkyo’s journey toward perfect audio.

2010 Flagship “Reference” Hi-Fi Series makes its debut. With the introduction of DIDRC (Dynamic Intermodulation Distortion Reduction Circuitry), Onkyo set about producing a series of exclusive hi-fi separates for the committed audio enthusiast.

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